Pelipaja Game Lab

I’ve started as a project manager at work for our local game lab, Pelipaja.

Pelipaja game lab is about game development education and coaching for participating teams and it will start this fall in Ylivieska campus of Centria UAS. This is the first time for my hometown to have this kind of opportunity available. Of course I have been running same kinds of projects before but now I, Centria and Oamk have funding for this. With funding from ELY-keskus and ESR we can offer this education for free to applicants. Pelipaja will offer education in total of 60 ECTS and last for a whole year. Topics include team work, game design, graphics, business and marketing.

Read more details from Pelipaja’s own website.

By the way, application period is open now.

Creating stats and items system in Unity

Cyberpunk/Shadowrun playlist

Game development for May 26th

Do’s and dont’s for mobile games

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Game development resources

It’s about iteration

Interesting read:

How I built my first Android Game and realized creativity is all about iterations

Wanderers – a short film by Erik Wernquist

Managers and systems and stuff

Components for gameobjects

  • for mechanics: movement, damage, attacking
  • single responsibility
  • can [RequireComponent(”Type”)]
  • public functions/methods
  • public variables
  • can create editor extensions to help with workflow

State machines for ai objects

  • from_state, enter_state, update_state, exit_state, to_state
  • ChangeState(stateName)
  • triggers for state change, user, environment
  • example state machines available from internet, asset store (ie. Playmaker)

System logic with managers

  • for levels
  • for player characters
  • for ai characters, enemies, world objects, vehicles, …
  • for sounds
  • for ui
  • for game screens, ie. options, difficulty
  • pooling gameobjects

Managers are used for sending messages to gameobjects, state machnices, maintain states, fire events/messages, pool resources…

What do you think?

Pelipaja Devblogs

Pelipaja kurssi etenee hyvällä sykkeellä ja ryhmät ovat jo esitelleet julkisestikin omia aikaansaannoksiaan.

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Pelipaja 2014-2015

Moro pitkästä aikaa. Töissä alkaa Pelipaja opinnot joissa opetan pelisuunnittelua ja kaikkea peleihin liittyvää.


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