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Game Maker’s Toolkit

00:00 – The 49th Street Galleria (Her Story, Chris Zabriskie) 01:38 – CGI Snake (Her Story, Chris Zabriskie) 02:24 – There’s Probably No Time (Her Story, Chris Zabriskie) 06:05 – NirvanaVEVO (Her Story, Chris Zabriskie) 08:26 – The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan (Her Story, Chris Zabriskie) 10:38 – That Kind in Fourth Grade Who Really Liked the Denver Broncos (Her Story, Chris Zabriskie)

My current to-play list

Games I’m playing at the moment:

  • Warframe
  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall
  • Fallout: New Vegas

Games I’m going to play next:

  • The Stanley Parable
  • Pillars of Eternity
  • Baldurs Gate 1
  • Syndicate Plus
  • Shadowrun: Hong Kong
  • Legend of Grimrock
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution (I’ve already completed this on Xbox 360)
  • Dead Space series

Games I really should finish:

  • Mass Effect 3 on Xbox 360
  • The Witcher on PC

Games I want to get:

  • Fallout 4
  • The Witcher 3
  • Cyberpunk 2077 (TBA)
  • Besiege
  • Dungeon of the Endless
  • Wasteland 2
  • Nuclear Throne
  • Crawl
  • Divinity: Original Sin
  • Rebel Galaxy
  • Stereden
  • Galak-Z

Games I’ve backed but not yet released:

  • Battletech (Q2/2017)

UPDATE 29.10.2015:

  • Crashlands
  • Cryptark

Unity3d UI lists

How to create a list in Unity3d 5 new gui system? Reason that Unity didn’t provide common list controls is that there are numerous ways these could be setup. They all depend on how you want your game to work. I’ll repeat Unity live training method here in written form. Original is here.

First create your base user interface, add “Panel” from GameObject menu to hierarchy. This will be our container for list control, name it to “Container“. Then we will add an empty GameObject to our “Container“, name it to “List Scroll“. This is where the actual list is going to be.

Next we need to add couple of components to “List Scroll” gameobject. Lets add “ScrollRect”, “Image” and “Mask” components.

ScrollRest is responsible of allowing content to be scrolled horizontally and/or vertically.

Image is a sprite that Mask component uses for masking.

Now we add a new “Panel” to “List Scroll” and name it “List Content“. This will contain our list items.

“List Content” needs also couple of components: “Vertical Layout Group” and “Content Size Filter”.

Only thing that is left is the list item prefab. This is where solution depends on your needs. Basically you add a “Button” to “List Content” and then you customize it to your liking.

Add “Layout Element” component to your button.

Next we need some scripting for populating the list and item functionality.