Blades in the Dark: The best heist RPG ever… in about 11 minutes

Blades in the Dark: The best heist RPG ever... in about 11 minutes 🗡️ Review & Mechanics
The Blades in the Dark by John Harper is a narrative-driven heist RPG set in a gothic urban fantasy city. It presents fast, fun rules centered around Scoundrels and their Crew.

The mechanics are designed to be plugged into any setting (and even published via the “Forged in the Dark” licensing), and in the past few years have spawned a handful of fun new games.
A Guide to Forged in the Dark licensing:

A Blades in the Dark community on Discord:

Two great interviews with author John Harper:
Brandon at Runehammer brings the heart:
Adam Koebel deep dives on mechanics:

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